Recommend Reading

The following books have been suggested to us as useful reading for crime victims and the community at large. We have received permission from each of the authors to list them here. However, neither the Renee Olubunmi Rondeau Peace Foundation the National Coalition of Victims In Action (NCVIA) make any representation with regard to the accuracy of the content of these publications.

* REDEEMING THE WOUNDED: A reflection on 25 years of service to the community of crime victims, by Rev. Dr. B. Bruce Cook

* INVISIBLE KIDS: One short life, one terrible death and 12 things YOU can do to improve the lives of foster children, by Holly Schlaack

* WHAT TO DO WHEN THE POLICE LEAVE- A GUIDE TO THE FIRST DAYS OF TRAUMATIC LOSS: NCVIA Board member Bill Jenkins offers advice and guidance for crime victims in the aftermath of a crime.

* THE BERKLEY MARINA MURDERS: NCVIA member Pat Gioia describes the events leading up to the murder of her daughter and her subsequent efforts to provide support for homicide survivors.

* FUNNY HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A MURDERER BUT MARGIE IS DEAD: NCVIA Board member Shirley Pierce Bostrom chronicles the story of her daughter’s murder at the hands of her abusive, controlling husband.

* FOREVER CHANGED: Marsha Kight offers an insight into the lives torn apart by the Oklahoma City bombing.

* LOVE ME MORE-THE TAYLOR BEHL STORY: Janet Pelasara tells the story of how her 17-year old daughter became involved with a 38-year old man who ultimately took her life.

* SHATTERED-RECLAIMING A LIFE TORN APART BY VIOLENCE: NCVIA Board member, Debra Puglisi Sharp, with Marjorie Preston, offers a graphic description of the murder of her husband and her subsequent kidnapping, assault and rape by the perpetrator.

* A GRIEF LIKE NO OTHER: Kathleen O’Hara, whose son, Aaron was murdered in 1999, offers advice on how to cope with the grief associated with loss of a loved one.

* ON KILLING: Lieutenant Colonel (USA Retired) Dave Grossman provides compelling evidence of the impact of violent video games on young people.

* THE ABCs OF CRIME VICTIM ADVOCACY: Jeannette M. Adkins, formerly Board Chair and Executive Director of the National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA), advances a great many ideas on how to effectively advocate on behalf of crime victims.

* AFTERMATH, IN THE WAKE OF MURDER: Carrie Freitag, with Peggy Kerouac, explores how people respond to violence as individuals and as a society based on what she learned following the murder of her father in 1998.

* EMERGING CRIMINAL JUSTICE-THREE PILLARS FOR A PROACTIVE JUSTICE SYSTEM: Paul Hahn discusses a new and different model for criminal justice.

* LESS LAW, MORE ORDER-THE TRUTH ABOUT REDUCING CRIME: Author Irvin Waller provides a comprehensive assessment about what needs to be done to prevent crime in America.

* RACHEL’S TEARS: Beth Nimmo provides an account of what happened at Columbine High and includes prophetic drawings that her daughter, Rachel Scott, left behind.

* THE JOURNALS OF RACHEL SCOTT-A JOURNAL OF FAITH AT COLUMBINE HIGH: Beth writes about her daughter’s dreams, ideas and many teen issues.  Both books include as many writings as possible and the Journals encourage young people to start journaling.

SMARTER CRIME CONTROL: A Guide to a Safe Future for Citizens, Communities and Politicians; author Irvin Waller discusses new ideas and research on crime prevention