NCVIA How to Join


I understand that my help is needed to make this coalition a vital force for victims’ assistance, CRIME PREVENTION, fund raising, enlisting sponsors, and WORKING with the media, elected officials, legislators, youth, educators, the medical community, spiritual leaders and members of the general public.

Please count on me and/or my organization to join the thousands of victims and survivors who are working in victims’ service, criminal justice and crime prevention. There are no membership fees; you and your family, through your victimization, have already paid more than your dues.

Name: ________________________________________________

Organization(s) _____________________________ (On separate sheet, please include the mission of your organization, copy of news articles, brochures or supporting documents that provide insight into the work of your organization.

Address: _______________City: __________State:____ Zip:_____

Telephone: _______________Cell: __________________________

Email: _________________ Fax: ____________________________

I would like to join the following committee(s) Please check the appropriate box(es)

__ Victim Liaison                     __ Special Events

__ Fund raising                       __ Conferences

__ Media relations                   __ State Coordinator

__ Membership                        __ Regional Coordinator

__ Legislative                          __ Executive Board

__ Newsletter                         __ National Advisor

__ Research                           __ Weekly victim sessions

__ Webmaster                         __ Community Resources

__ Photo Master                      __ Other

For all inquiries, please contact  NCVIA Acting  Directors, Elaine and Gordon Rondeau at Tel: 1-404-699-2636, Cell: 1-571-274-0010, Email:, Website:

Board of Directors: Debbie Parnham, (AZ), Kerstin Feist (CA), Shirley and Larry Bostrom, (CT), Pat Tuthill (FL), Elaine and Gordon Rondeau (GA), Barbara Thurmond (GA), Jennifer and Bill Jenkins (IL), Maria Early (LA), Sharon Boyer (OH), Pamela Corrente (NJ), Yvonne Becton (TN),  Brenda O’Quin (TX), Dotti Walker (TX), Nanette Van Ostrom (TX), Sandra and Michael McSweeney (VA), Polly Franks (VA), Brendina Tobias (VA)