As a consequence of the murder of their daughter, Renée in 1994, Elaine & Gordon Rondeau have made the following observations about America in the 21st century:

-The US public has become desensitized to murder and view it as a normal consequence of life in modern society. As long as they are not affected by murder, they are indifferent to its effects.

-As a result, we have unwittingly devalued human life.

-People in America increasingly resort to violence (murder) as a means of solving their problems

-Americans are in a state of extreme denial: they deny both the existence of and responsibility for the murder problem.

-Further, American have become self-focused and are no longer concerned about one another; this has been brought about by the strident, divisive effects of the political climate in this country in recent years.

-Thus, we have come to view society, not individuals, as the primary cause of the high murder rate in this country.

-We are concerned that the focus of anti-crime (murder) efforts is fundamentally misplaced and that, as a result, the problem can only get worse.

-Finally, we recognize that the solution to this problem rests not with government or complex, expensive anti-crime (murder) efforts, but with the people themselves.

Accordingly, we intend to raise public awareness, including the media, legislators and the like, as a means of establishing the following areas of influence:

Murder as Entertainment: Focus on elimination of the pleasurable aspects of murder as portrayed in games, TV, movies, etc.

Murder as an Everyday Occurrence: Focus on causing a more realistic presentation of murder in everyday news coverage on TV, Radio, Newspapers and magazines.

Murder as a Growth Industry: Focus on eliminating the profit motive associated with the unprincipled exploitation of society’s fascination with murder.

Murder Unpunished: Focus on the development of a penal system for the crime of murder that will define, isolate and deal with the hard-core elements in society. It must 1) Punish; 2) Serve as an effective deterrent; 3) Be permanent.

Murder as a Convenient Problem-solving Mechanism: Focus on the use of community-based collaborative techniques of problem resolution; focus also on the elimination of wholly inappropriate, destructive weaponry that is so often the mechanism of choice in the heinous crime of murder.