Paintings by Elaine


 In this section we are pleased to offer for sale the following works by Elaine. The proceeds for this will go to the scholarship fund we have created in our daughter’s name at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. If you have an interest in purchasing any of these, please contact us at or by phone at 404/699-2636.

A New England scene at Christmas (Acrylic on Canvas; 20”L x 16”H)   SOLD


Rooftops (Acrylic on Canvas; 24”L x 18”H)


Cinque Terre (Acrylic on Canvas; 20”L x 16”H)


Paris (Oil on Canvas; 30″L x 24″H)


Tranquility on Cape Cod (Oil on Canvas; 24″L x 18″H)


Refelction in Blue (Acrylic on Canvas; 20″L x 16″H)


Woman in Red (Oil on Canvas; 24″L x 18″H)


Pond Road on Cape Cod (Oil on Canvas; 20″L x 16″H)


Our Backyard in the Fall (Framed; Watercolor; Frame-21″L x 18″H; Picture-17″L x 12″H)


Cliffs & Water Falls – The Rockies (Acrylic on Canvas; 20″L x 16″H)


Afghani Women in Grief (Acrylic on Acrylic Paper; 12″L x 12″H)


Pink Clouds in the Cape Cod Marshes (Acrylic on Canvas; xx”L x xx”H)


Champagne Lady (Acrylic on Canvas; 18″L x 24″H)


Ballerina in Flight (Mixed Media, Watercolor & Pastel on Watercolor paper; 24″L x 18″H)


Welfleet Bay (Oil on Canvas) SOLD


Sisters in a Cathedral (Oil on Canvas; 36″L x 24″H)


Bermuda Beach (Watercolor on Watercolor paper; 15″L x 11″H)


Dunes at Hi-Land Vue on Cape Cod (Acrylic on Canvas; 20″L x 16″H)