Gordon’s Blog – 2010

GUN VIOLENCE REDUX (posted November 20, 2010) With the onset of our economic problems, crime and violence are once again on the upswing. As a parent whose daughter was murdered in… Read more »

Gordon’s Blog – 2009

THE AFGHANISTAN DEBACLE –WILL WE EVER LEARN? (Posted December 5, 2009) The so-called “war on terror” took another unfortunate turn this week with President Obama’s decision to increase our troop presence… Read more »

Gordon’s Blog – 2007

AMERICA’S HEALTH CARE MESS (posted 12/23/07) The elephant in the room—A National Health Care System. We just don’t want to engage in a thoughtful, reasoned debate about how to solve this… Read more »

Gordon’s Blog – 2006

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? (Posted August 1, 2006) We attended a funeral yesterday. It was not an ordinary funeral, nor was it an ordinary person  that we were remembering. Jennifer Ewing was… Read more »