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Heard, Enron slightly surprised a moment, then nodded points over only to find themselves at the moment is holding wholesale nfl jerseys a phone, the other did not see, but also busy, said ? Well, there are other needs to tell you. Phone there was silence for a moment, then said Other ah, another said, I want to see him. Listen to how these words Enron listen how surprised, my heart kind of feeling can not tell. But still nodded in response to her and said Well, I know. Hung up the phone, Enron innocently sitting on the bed, she did wholesale nfl jerseys china not know just who that woman, but listen to her this feeling, it seems, and Su Yi Cheng's relationship is not simple, is the ex girlfriend? Just thought, that bag on the living room came the phone's ringing, busy Enron ran out of the phone, the phone is Su Yi Cheng came to hand, press the answer. Has been up? Phone there, Su Yi Cheng sound slightly with a smile asked. Enron was asked a little face can not help a red, do not say good, some say it to gas, not all your victims. She is with people wholesale nfl jerseys usa opened a harmless joke, but he turned out to be, his daily morning exercise workout a bit too effective, and amazing physical good, maybe when she followed him behind the running, when stamina to keep up, at least not to tired to death himself. Cheng low laugh on the phone over there, but they did not forget their purpose to fight this on the phone, concern and asked ? Eaten yet I did a sandwich in the fridge, remember to heat and eat. Ah. Heard, Enron turned toward the kitchen in the past, open the fridge did see a wholesale nfl jerseys from china simple sandwich on the inside, my heart kind of unspeakable warm and sweet. Just call it? Just him to call home, no one thought the telephone line is busy. Yes, there is a woman just to call home, let me help her pass a few words. When it comes to this, Enron wanted to just pick up that phone. Woman? Anything? If it is a friend, usually playing his cell phone, seldom to your home, should not a friend, a stranger who knows the phone in his house? She said she surname Ling, let me tell you she came back, the other, she wants you to see the side. Enron convey her meaning to Su Yi Cheng, this messenger can be considered successful completion of the task. Phone there Su Yi Cheng suddenly no sound, long time did not respond. Cheng? Enron tempted call said ? You, still do, he responded Enron seems to be able to detect what, or should think the same before her, this woman surnamed Ling, for him, it should be has a special meaning. In. Phone side Cheng said I know the call you are likely to want to tell you that I had a dinner at night, it is estimated not to come back so early, you remember to give yourself something to eat at night, do not wait for me. . Enron Nana nodded, I know. But my mind was because he just can not help but have a bit of silence and suspicion. I did something else, then I would hang up the phone. Enron. Su Yi Cheng Huan Zhu her.

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