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Finally, Enron and Cheng did not stay in town watching the sunset falling clouds, an Enron did not really cheap nfl jerseys think too much face, embarrassed again in front of that person swinging the boat, the other in that boat when the boat reaches the shore of the bag phone at this time sounded, is Linxiao Fen to the phone, said today the weekend, so that both Enron and Su Yi Cheng at night to go home for dinner. In fact, she did not say is do not be afraid to cook Enron, Su Yi Cheng estimate will not be cheap nfl jerseys usa a big man to cook, worry about two days every 'foreigner' put his body is not good to eat out. So that, originally intended in the 'LaXia town' opportunity to re read the evening to catch the last bus of this stranding, they hurriedly left the beautiful golden beach, then sat two hours of short and return to the River City. They did not return to apartments over the past one week and did not see my parents much, Enron naturally think, but it seems these days are busy, want to come back, but no energy. Because focusing on cheap nfl jerseys for sale etiquette, in Cheng's insistence, while also firmly opposed to the Enron case, the final two carrying some fruit back to Gu. When Enron and Su Yi Cheng arrived, Linxiao Fen was in the kitchen preparing the evening to do the dishes, while Gu Hengwen no classes today because, at the moment it is the library to get this brush sway with pride. See them back, andis really happy, four people sat chatting for a moment, in fact, are some irrelevant topic, nothing more than Lara homemade, of course Linxiao Fen called them back today for them to do except cheap nfl jerseys china free shipping think Dayton delicious in addition there is also a purpose, although the two are not going to the wedding being a half, but about two parents, or the need to seize the pleasure of seeing the time. Cheng nodded, and said only time to accommodate curriculum , and other locations, then do not need to worry. Linxiao Fen and Gu Hengwen also Dong etiquette, saying please Mr. pick live, lunar March 28 next Friday is a good day, should marriage, should settle down, though not prepare for the wedding, but also pieces of two people meet prudent thing , just say let Su Yi cheng go back and ask the person at home, if you can, then set next Friday, should not do, that we then choose one day. Finally looked at the time, Linxiao Fen lead stood up, and said to dinner almost ready, Enron's hands referrals volunteered to help, Linxiao Fen under consideration to determine the case of a disservice not to let her into the kitchen with her. The Su Yi Cheng is accompanied Guheng Wen chatted in the living room, the two did not seem Wengxu cold field, the two chat community, chat affairs, talk politics, Gu Hengwen to own so many years of coaching experience to comment today's political situation, the pros and cons eleven objective pointed out that even some perspective, the work of the Cheng also wake up the gas to the point that he was not expected to come before harvest. Enron and mother and daughter in the kitchen preparing the meal tonight, Linxiao Fen chef, Enron responsible along the way. Sat on the bench, one by one lug Enron vegetables, those yellow moth leaves one by one take off, so that is good to the good into baskets. Linxiao Fen stood in front of the stage deal flow management with small fish, fish maw across the knife from the middle, and then scrape out the inside of the internal organs, etc., and then washed with water, and finally with a knife drew back with two fish, cut the ginger and scallion, to the point of his own brew of old wine, then put the fish dish marinated with air wine with a kind of tempting taste. He told you how, okay? Mother is always there for the children parade endless worry. Although she probably knows that if the answer to, but always wanted to personally hear her say, seem to be more persuasive. Mom, Su Yi cheng good to me, really, you will do well. In fact, Su Yi Cheng really impress her, are taking care of every aspect of her, but in addition to a certain aspect, it seems a bit excessive need cable. Linxiao Fen little bit of him, and asked, That's good, I think this person is also good Ah Cheng, yes, you've seen his parents yet, how about people, you okay?

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