Gordon’s Blog – 2017

THE REPUBLICAN HEALTH CARE PLAN(Posted June 23, 2017) It’s time to call the Republican health care plan what it truly is: Step1 of their overall tax cut plans. Certainly they… Read more »

Gordon’s Blog – 2015

RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE(Posted April 2, 2015) Well, they are at it again. We are once again seeing the forces of hate and intolerance attempting to brutalize yet another segment of society…. Read more »

Gordon’s Blog – 2014

POLICE-COMMUNITY VIOLENCE(Posted December 7, 2014) We are once again trying to figure out why we have so much violent interaction between communities and police organizations. And, as usual, we are… Read more »

Gordon’s Blog – 2012

NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT ; ARE GUNS THE PROBLEM? (Posted December 17, 2012) As it happens so often in America, we’ve just spent another heartbreaking weekend mourning the loss of lives to… Read more »

Gordon’s Blog – 2010

GUN VIOLENCE REDUX (posted November 20, 2010) With the onset of our economic problems, crime and violence are once again on the upswing. As a parent whose daughter was murdered in… Read more »

Gordon’s Blog – 2009

THE AFGHANISTAN DEBACLE –WILL WE EVER LEARN? (Posted December 5, 2009) The so-called “war on terror” took another unfortunate turn this week with President Obama’s decision to increase our troop presence… Read more »